Instance Method


Tells the delegate when zooming of the content in the scroll view completed.


optional func scrollViewDidEndZooming(_ scrollView: UIScrollView, with view: UIView?, atScale scale: CGFloat)



The scroll-view object displaying the content view.


The view object representing that part of the content view that needs to be scaled.


The scale factor to use for scaling; this value must be between the limits established by the UIScrollView properties maximumZoomScale and minimumZoomScale.


The scroll view also calls this method after any “bounce” animations. It also calls this method after animated changes to the zoom level and after a zoom-related gesture ends (regardless of whether the gesture resulted in a change to the zoom level).

See Also

Managing Zooming

func viewForZooming(in: UIScrollView) -> UIView?

Asks the delegate for the view to scale when zooming is about to occur in the scroll view.

func scrollViewWillBeginZooming(UIScrollView, with: UIView?)

Tells the delegate that zooming of the content in the scroll view is about to commence.

func scrollViewDidZoom(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate that the scroll view’s zoom factor changed.