Instance Method


Asks the delegate for the view to scale when zooming is about to occur in the scroll view.


optional func viewForZooming(in scrollView: UIScrollView) -> UIView?



The scroll-view object displaying the content view.

Return Value

A UIView object that will be scaled as a result of the zooming gesture. Return nil if you don’t want zooming to occur.

See Also

Managing Zooming

func scrollViewWillBeginZooming(UIScrollView, with: UIView?)

Tells the delegate that zooming of the content in the scroll view is about to commence.

func scrollViewDidEndZooming(UIScrollView, with: UIView?, atScale: CGFloat)

Tells the delegate when zooming of the content in the scroll view completed.

func scrollViewDidZoom(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate that the scroll view’s zoom factor changed.