Instance Method


Tells the delegate when dragging ended in the scroll view.


optional func scrollViewDidEndDragging(_ scrollView: UIScrollView, willDecelerate decelerate: Bool)



The scroll-view object that finished scrolling the content view.


true if the scrolling movement will continue, but decelerate, after a touch-up gesture during a dragging operation. If the value is false, scrolling stops immediately upon touch-up.


The scroll view sends this message when the user’s finger touches up after dragging content. The isDecelerating property of UIScrollView controls deceleration.

See Also

Responding to Scrolling and Dragging

func scrollViewDidScroll(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate when the user scrolls the content view within the receiver.

func scrollViewWillBeginDragging(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate when the scroll view is about to start scrolling the content.

func scrollViewShouldScrollToTop(UIScrollView) -> Bool

Asks the delegate if the scroll view should scroll to the top of the content.

func scrollViewDidScrollToTop(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate that the scroll view scrolled to the top of the content.

func scrollViewWillBeginDecelerating(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate that the scroll view is starting to decelerate the scrolling movement.

func scrollViewDidEndDecelerating(UIScrollView)

Tells the delegate that the scroll view has ended decelerating the scrolling movement.