A view controller that manages the presentation of search results in your interface.


class UISearchContainerViewController : UIViewController


Although you can present a search controller object modally, you should never push one onto a navigation controller’s stack or use one as a child of another container view controller. Instead, embed an instance of this class and let it manage the presentation of the search controller’s content.


Initializing a Search Container View Controller

init(searchController: UISearchController)

Initializes and returns a search container view controller with the specified search controller object.

Getting the Search Controller

var searchController: UISearchController

The search controller being managed.

See Also

Search Interface

class UISearchController

A view controller that manages the display of search results based on interactions with a search bar.

class UISearchBar

A specialized view for receiving search-related information from the user.

protocol UISearchResultsUpdating

A set of methods that let you update search results based on information the user enters into the search bar.

Displaying Searchable Content by Using a Search Controller

Create a user interface with searchable content in a table view.

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