Instance Method


Inserts a segment at a specified position in the receiver and gives it an image as content.


func insertSegment(with image: UIImage?, at segment: Int, animated: Bool)



An image object to use as the content of the segment.


An index number identifying a segment in the control.

segment must be a number in the range 0 to the number of segments (numberOfSegments) inclusive; values exceeding this upper range are pinned to it.

The new segment is inserted just before the designated one.


true if the insertion of the new segment should be animated, otherwise false.

See Also

Managing Segments

func insertSegment(withTitle: String?, at: Int, animated: Bool)

Inserts a segment at a specific position in the receiver and gives it a title as content.

var numberOfSegments: Int

Returns the number of segments the receiver has.

func removeAllSegments()

Removes all segments of the receiver

func removeSegment(at: Int, animated: Bool)

Removes the specified segment from the receiver, optionally animating the transition.

var selectedSegmentIndex: Int

The index number identifying the selected segment (that is, the last segment touched).