Instance Property


The index number identifying the selected segment (that is, the last segment touched).


@property(nonatomic) NSInteger selectedSegmentIndex;


The default value is UISegmentedControlNoSegment (no segment selected) until the user touches a segment. Set this property to -1 to turn off the current selection. UISegmentedControl ignores this property when the control is in momentary mode. When the user touches a segment to change the selection, the control event UIControlEventValueChanged is generated; if the segmented control is set up to respond to this control event, it sends a action message to its target.

See Also

Managing Segments

- insertSegmentWithImage:atIndex:animated:

Inserts a segment at a specified position in the receiver and gives it an image as content.

- insertSegmentWithTitle:atIndex:animated:

Inserts a segment at a specific position in the receiver and gives it a title as content.


Returns the number of segments the receiver has.

- removeAllSegments

Removes all segments of the receiver

- removeSegmentAtIndex:animated:

Removes the specified segment from the receiver, optionally animating the transition.