Instance Method


Tells the delegate that the specified view controller is about to be hidden.


optional func splitViewController(_ svc: UISplitViewController, willHide aViewController: UIViewController, with barButtonItem: UIBarButtonItem, for pc: UIPopoverController)



The split view controller that owns the specified view controller.


The view controller being hidden.


A button you can add to your toolbar.


The popover controller that uses taps in barButtonItem to display the specified view controller.


When the split view controller rotates from a landscape to portrait orientation, it normally hides one of its view controllers. When that happens, it calls this method to coordinate the addition of a button to the toolbar (or navigation bar) of the remaining custom view controller. If you want the soon-to-be hidden view controller to be displayed in a popover, you must implement this method and use it to add the specified button to your interface.

See Also

Deprecated Methods

func splitViewController(UISplitViewController, shouldHide: UIViewController, in: UIInterfaceOrientation) -> Bool

Asks the delegate whether the first view controller should be hidden for the specified orientation.

func splitViewController(UISplitViewController, willShow: UIViewController, invalidating: UIBarButtonItem)

Tells the delegate that the specified view controller is about to be shown again.

func splitViewController(UISplitViewController, popoverController: UIPopoverController, willPresent: UIViewController)

Tells the delegate that the hidden view controller is about to be displayed in a popover.