An interaction object for configuring and controlling spring-loaded, user-driven navigation during a drag activity.


class UISpringLoadedInteraction : NSObject


Initializing a Spring-Loaded Interaction

init(activationHandler: (UISpringLoadedInteraction, UISpringLoadedInteractionContext) -> Void)

Initializes a new spring-loaded interaction with a specified activation handler block, employing the default behavior and visual effect.

Getting Information About the Spring-Loaded Interaction

var interactionBehavior: UISpringLoadedInteractionBehavior

The behavior for the spring-loaded interaction.

var interactionEffect: UISpringLoadedInteractionEffect

The visual effect for the spring-loaded interaction.


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See Also

Spring-Loaded Interactions

protocol UISpringLoadedInteractionBehavior

The interface for specifying the behavior of a spring-loaded interaction.

protocol UISpringLoadedInteractionSupporting

The interface that determines if an object supports a spring-loaded interaction for drag and drop activities.

protocol UISpringLoadedInteractionContext

The interface an object implements to provide information about a spring-loaded interaction.

protocol UISpringLoadedInteractionEffect

The interface for providing visual styling to a spring-loaded interaction based on the interaction state.