Instance Method


Initializes the timing parameters with the specified damping ratio.


- (instancetype)initWithDampingRatio:(CGFloat)ratio;



The damping ratio for controlling the spring’s behavior. For more damping and less oscillation, specify a value of 1. For less damping and more oscillation, specify values closer to 0.

Return Value

An initialized spring timing parameters object or nil if the object could not be created.


This method sets the initial velocity of any animated properties to 0.0.

See Also

Initializing a Spring Timing Parameters Object

- init

Initializes the object with the default timing parameters.

- initWithDampingRatio:initialVelocity:

Initializes the object with the specified damping ratio and velocity vector.

- initWithMass:stiffness:damping:initialVelocity:

Initializes the object with the specified spring stiffness, mass, and damping coefficients.