Instance Property


The axis along which the arranged views are laid out.


var axis: NSLayoutConstraint.Axis { get set }


This property determines the orientation of the arranged views. Assigning the NSLayoutConstraint.Axis.vertical value creates a column of views. Assigning the NSLayoutConstraint.Axis.horizontal value creates a row. The default value is NSLayoutConstraint.Axis.horizontal.

See Also

Configuring The Layout

var alignment: UIStackView.Alignment

The alignment of the arranged subviews perpendicular to the stack view’s axis.

var isBaselineRelativeArrangement: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the vertical spacing between views is measured from their baselines.

var distribution: UIStackView.Distribution

The distribution of the arranged views along the stack view’s axis.

var isLayoutMarginsRelativeArrangement: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the stack view lays out its arranged views relative to its layout margins.

var spacing: CGFloat

The distance in points between the adjacent edges of the stack view’s arranged views.