Instance Property


The list of views arranged by the stack view.


@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSArray<__kindof UIView *> *arrangedSubviews;


The stack view ensures that the arrangedSubviews array is always a subset of its subviews array. Therefore, whenever the addArrangedSubview: method is called, the stack view adds the view as a subview, if it is not already. Whenever an arranged view’s removeFromSuperview method is called, the stack view removes the view from its arrangedSubview array.

See Also

Managing Arranged Subviews

- addArrangedSubview:

Adds a view to the end of the arrangedSubviews array.

- insertArrangedSubview:atIndex:

Adds the provided view to the array of arranged subviews at the specified index.

- removeArrangedSubview:

Removes the provided view from the stack’s array of arranged subviews.