An object describing the configuration of the status bar.


class UIStatusBarManager : NSObject


Use a UIStatusBarManager object to get the current configuration of the status bar for its associated scene. You do not create UIStatusBarManager objects directly. Instead, you retrieve an existing object from the statusBarManager property of a UIWindowScene object.

You do not use this object to modify the configuration of the status bar. Instead, you set the status bar configuration individually for each of your UIViewController objects. For example, to modify the default visibility of the status bar, override the prefersStatusBarHidden property of your view controller.


Getting the Status Bar Configuration

var isStatusBarHidden: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the status bar is currently hidden.

var statusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle

The current appearance of the status bar.

Getting the Frame Rectangle

var statusBarFrame: CGRect

The frame rectangle of the status bar.


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