The set of actions to perform when swiping on rows of a table.


class UISwipeActionsConfiguration : NSObject


Create an instance of this class when you want to associate custom swipe actions with the row of a table. Typically, you create instances of this class in the tableView(_:leadingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt:) or tableView(_:trailingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt:) method of your table view's delegate.


Initializing the Swipe Actions

init(actions: [UIContextualAction])

Creates a swipe action configuration object with the specified set of actions.

Getting the Swipe Action Information

var performsFirstActionWithFullSwipe: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether a full swipe automatically performs the first action.


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class UITableViewCell

A cell in a table view.

class UIContextualAction

An action to display when the user swipes a table row.

class UITableViewRowAction

A single action to present when the user swipes horizontally in a table row.

enum UIContextualAction.Style

Constants indicating the style information that is applied to the action button.

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