Instance Property


The amount of space (in points) to use between tab bar items.


var itemSpacing: CGFloat { get set }


When the tab bar positions items using the UITabBar.ItemPositioning.centered option, it checks the value of this property to see if a custom spacing value has been supplied. The default value of this property is 0, which causes the tab bar to use a system-defined default spacing value. Specifying a value greater than 0 causes the tab bar to use your custom value instead. If you try to set this property to a negative value, the tab bar sets the value to 0 instead.

See Also

Customizing Item Spacing

var itemPositioning: UITabBar.ItemPositioning

The positioning scheme for the tab bar items in the tab bar.

enum UITabBar.ItemPositioning

Constants that specify tab bar item positioning.

var itemWidth: CGFloat

The width (in points) of tab bar items.