Instance Property


The shadow image to use for the tab bar.


var shadowImage: UIImage? { get set }


For tab bars with custom backgrounds, you can use this property to specify a custom shadow image for your bar. The shadow image is positioned outside the bounds of the tab bar itself, usually above or below the tab bar’s frame rectangle. The exact position depends on the current platform. For example, shadow images are positioned above the tab bar on iPhone and iPad.

You must use this property in conjunction with a custom background image. If the backgroundImage property is nil, the tab bar ignores the value in this property and uses a default shadow.

See Also

Customizing Tab Bar Appearance

var barStyle: UIBarStyle

The tab bar style that specifies its appearance.

enum UIBarStyle

Defines the stylistic appearance of different types of views.

var isTranslucent: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the tab bar is translucent.

var barTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to apply to the tab bar background.

var tintColor: UIColor!

The tint color to apply to the tab bar items.

var unselectedItemTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to apply to unselected tabs.

var backgroundImage: UIImage?

The custom background image for the tab bar.

var selectionIndicatorImage: UIImage?

The image to use for the selection indicator.