Instance Property


The custom background image for the tab bar.


var backgroundImage: UIImage? { get set }


If you specify a stretchable background image, the tab bar stretches your image to fill the available space. If your image is not stretchable and not large enough to fill the available space, the tab bar tiles the image. For information about how stretching works, see the UIImage.ResizingMode type in UIImage.

When a custom background image is present, the tab bar does not draw any blur effects behind itself, even when the isTranslucent property is true.

See Also

Customizing Tab Bar Appearance

var barStyle: UIBarStyle

The tab bar style that specifies its appearance.

enum UIBarStyle

Defines the stylistic appearance of different types of views.

var isTranslucent: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the tab bar is translucent.

var barTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to apply to the tab bar background.

var tintColor: UIColor!

The tint color to apply to the tab bar items.

var unselectedItemTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to apply to unselected tabs.

var shadowImage: UIImage?

The shadow image to use for the tab bar.

var selectionIndicatorImage: UIImage?

The image to use for the selection indicator.