System items that can be used on a tab bar.


enum SystemItem : Int


The title and image of system tab bar items cannot be changed.



case more

The more system item.

case favorites

The favorites system item.

case featured

The featured system item.

case topRated

The top rated system item.

case recents

The recents system item.

case contacts

The contacts system item.

case history

The history system item.

case bookmarks

The bookmarks system item.

case search

The search system item.

case downloads

The downloads system item.

case mostRecent

The most recent system item.

case mostViewed

The most viewed system item.

See Also

Initializing an Item

init(tabBarSystemItem: UITabBarItem.SystemItem, tag: Int)

Creates and returns a new item containing the specified system item.

init(title: String?, image: UIImage?, tag: Int)

Creates and returns a new item using the specified properties.

init(title: String?, image: UIImage?, selectedImage: UIImage?)

Creates and returns a new item with the specified title, unselected image, and selected image.


Initializes the tab bar item to its default state.