Instance Property


The table cells that are visible in the table view.


var visibleCells: [UITableViewCell] { get }


The value of this property is an array containing UITableViewCell objects, each representing a visible cell in the table view.

See Also

Accessing Cells and Sections

func cellForRow(at: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell?

Returns the table cell at the specified index path.

func indexPath(for: UITableViewCell) -> IndexPath?

Returns an index path representing the row and section of a given table-view cell.

func indexPathForRow(at: CGPoint) -> IndexPath?

Returns an index path identifying the row and section at the given point.

func indexPathsForRows(in: CGRect) -> [IndexPath]?

An array of index paths each representing a row enclosed by a given rectangle.

var indexPathsForVisibleRows: [IndexPath]?

An array of index paths each identifying a visible row in the table view.