Instance Property


The style for table cells used as separators.


var separatorStyle: UITableViewCell.SeparatorStyle { get set }


The value of this property is one of the separator-style constants described in UITableViewCell. UITableView uses this property to set the separator style on the cell returned from the delegate in tableView(_:cellForRowAt:).

See Also

Configuring a Table View

var style: UITableView.Style

Returns the style of the table view.

func numberOfRows(inSection: Int) -> Int

Returns the number of rows (table cells) in a specified section.

var numberOfSections: Int

The number of sections in the table view.

var rowHeight: CGFloat

The height of each row (that is, table cell) in the table view.

var separatorColor: UIColor?

The color of separator rows in the table view.

var separatorEffect: UIVisualEffect?

The effect applied to table separators.

var backgroundView: UIView?

The background view of the table view.

var separatorInset: UIEdgeInsets

Specifies the default inset of cell separators.

var separatorInsetReference: UITableView.SeparatorInsetReference

An indicator of how the separator inset value should be interpreted.

enum UITableView.SeparatorInsetReference

Constants indicating how to interpret the separator inset value of a table view.

var cellLayoutMarginsFollowReadableWidth: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cell margins are derived from the width of the readable content guide.