Instance Property


A Boolean value that controls whether users can select more than one cell simultaneously in editing mode.


@property(nonatomic) BOOL allowsMultipleSelectionDuringEditing;


The default value of this property is NO. If you set it to YES, check marks appear next to selected rows in editing mode. In addition, UITableView does not query for editing styles when it goes into editing mode. If you access indexPathsForSelectedRows, you can get the index paths that identify the selected rows.

See Also

Selecting Rows


An index path identifying the row and section of the selected row.


The index paths representing the selected rows.

- selectRowAtIndexPath:animated:scrollPosition:

Selects a row in the table view identified by index path, optionally scrolling the row to a location in the table view.

- deselectRowAtIndexPath:animated:

Deselects a given row identified by index path, with an option to animate the deselection.


A Boolean value that determines whether users can select a row.


A Boolean value that determines whether users can select more than one row outside of editing mode.


A Boolean value that determines whether users can select cells while the table view is in editing mode.


Posted when the selected row in the posting table view changes.

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