Instance Property


An indicator of how the separator inset value should be interpreted.


var separatorInsetReference: UITableView.SeparatorInsetReference { get set }


Use the value of this property to determine how the value in the separatorInset property is interpreted for cells. The default value of this property is UITableView.SeparatorInsetReference.fromCellEdges.

See Also

Customizing the Separator Appearance

var separatorStyle: UITableViewCell.SeparatorStyle

The style for table cells used as separators.

enum UITableViewCell.SeparatorStyle

The style for cells used as separators.

var separatorColor: UIColor?

The color of separator rows in the table view.

var separatorEffect: UIVisualEffect?

The effect applied to table separators.

var separatorInset: UIEdgeInsets

The default inset of cell separators.

enum UITableView.SeparatorInsetReference

Constants indicating how to interpret the separator inset value of a table view.