Instance Method


Toggles the receiver into and out of editing mode.


func setEditing(_ editing: Bool, animated: Bool)



true to enter editing mode, false to leave it. The default value is false .


true to animate the appearance or disappearance of the insertion/deletion control and the reordering control, false to make the transition immediate.


When you call this method with the value of editing set to true, and the UITableViewCell object is configured to have controls, the cell shows an insertion (green plus) or deletion control (red minus) on the left side of each cell and a reordering control on the right side. This method is called on each visible cell when the setEditing(_:animated:) method of UITableView is invoked. Calling this method with editing set to false removes the controls from the cell.

See Also

Editing the Cell

var isEditing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cell is in an editable state.

enum UITableViewCell.EditingStyle

The editing control used by a cell.

var showingDeleteConfirmation: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cell is currently showing the delete-confirmation button.

var showsReorderControl: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the cell shows the reordering control.