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class UITableViewDropPlaceholder : UITableViewPlaceholder


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Drag and Drop

Supporting Drag and Drop in Table Views

Initiate drags and handle drops from a table view.

protocol UITableViewDragDelegate

The interface for initiating drags from a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropDelegate

The interface for handling drops in a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropCoordinator

An interface for coordinating your custom drop-related actions with the table view.

class UITableViewDropProposal

Your proposed solution for handling a drop in a table view.

protocol UITableViewDropItem

The data associated with an item being dropped into the table view.

protocol UITableViewDropPlaceholderContext

An object that you insert temporarily into the table view while waiting to receive the actual data that you plan to display.

protocol UIDataSourceTranslating

An advanced interface for managing a data source object.