A placeholder cell that supports customizing the drop preview parameters.


class UITableViewDropPlaceholder : UITableViewPlaceholder


When you want to insert a placeholder cell into your table, create a UITableViewDropPlaceholder object and pass it to the drop(_:to:) method of your UITableViewDropCoordinator. You use a placeholder cell to display a temporary interface while you load the cell's contents asynchronously. For example, your placeholder cell might display a progress indicator or a message that the cell content is not yet available. The placeholder object contains the reuse identifier of the temporary cell you want to display in your table. It can also include a custom preview to use during the drop.

You must register the cells you use with your placeholders in advance. In your storyboard file, add a table view cell object to your table, configure its appearance, set its class to UITableViewCell (or an appropriate subclass), and assign a reuse identifier to it. When creating your UITableViewDropPlaceholder object, pass the cell's reuse identifier to init(insertionIndexPath:reuseIdentifier:rowHeight:). The table view uses the information in your placeholder object to insert the cell into the table.


Preview Parameters

var previewParametersProvider: ((UITableViewCell) -> UIDragPreviewParameters?)?

The handler block that provides the preview parameters for the specified cell.


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Placeholder Cells

protocol UITableViewDropPlaceholderContext

An object for tracking a placeholder cell that you added to your table during a drop operation.

class UITableViewPlaceholder

An object that contains information about a placeholder cell being inserted into a table.