An object for tracking a placeholder cell that you added to your table during a drop operation.


protocol UITableViewDropPlaceholderContext


Do not create instances of this class yourself. Instead, call drop(_:to:) from your drop coordinator object. That method inserts a placeholder cell into the table and returns a UITableViewDropPlaceholderContext object for managing that placeholder.

When you are ready to swap a placeholder cell for a cell with the actual data, call the commitInsertion(dataSourceUpdates:) method of the context object. To remove the placeholder cell without providing a replacement, call deletePlaceholder() instead.


Updating the Placeholder Cell

func commitInsertion(dataSourceUpdates: (IndexPath) -> Void) -> Bool

Exchanges the placeholder cell for a cell with the final content.


Removing the Placeholder Cell

func deletePlaceholder() -> Bool

Removes an unneeded placeholder cell from the table view.


Getting the Drag Item

var dragItem: UIDragItem

The drag item represented by the placeholder cell.



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See Also

Placeholder Cells

class UITableViewDropPlaceholder

A placeholder cell that supports customizing the drop preview parameters.

class UITableViewPlaceholder

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