Type Method


Creates and returns a new table view row action object.


+ (instancetype)rowActionWithStyle:(UITableViewRowActionStyle)style title:(NSString *)title handler:(void (^)(UITableViewRowAction *action, NSIndexPath *indexPath))handler;



The style characteristics to apply to the button. You use this value to apply default appearance characteristics to the button. These characteristics impart information about what the button does. For example, use this to indicate an action is destructive to the underlying data. For a list of possible style values, see UITableViewRowActionStyle.


The string to display in the button. Specify a string localized for the user’s current language.


The block to execute when the user taps the button associated with this action. UIKit makes a copy of the block you provide. When the user selects the action represented by this object, UIKit executes your handler block on the app’s main thread. This parameter must not be nil. This block has no return value and takes the following parameters:


The action object representing the action that the user selected.


The table row that the user acted on.

Return Value

A new table row action object that you can return from your table view’s delegate method.


The style and handler block you specify cannot be changed later. You can change the title of the action button. You can also configure other appearance-related properties of the button using the properties of this class.

You can assign the same row action object to multiple rows of your table.