Instance Method


Returns a list of words that are possible valid replacements for a misspelled word.


func guesses(forWordRange range: NSRange, in string: String, language: String) -> [String]?



The range of a misspelled word in string.


A string in which there is a misspelled word, as located by range.


The language of the of the words that are possible corrections. This string is from the ISO 639-1 standard, for example es (Spanish).

Return Value

An array of strings each of which might be a correct substitute (that is, a guess) for a misspelled word in the given range of the string. If no possible guesses are found, the method returns an empty array.


The strings in the array are in the order they should be presented to the user—that is, more probable guesses come first in the array.

See Also

Obtaining Word Guesses and Completions

func completions(forPartialWordRange: NSRange, in: String, language: String) -> [String]?

Returns an array of strings that are possible completions for a partially entered word.