An object that provides textual context to a custom keyboard.


protocol UITextDocumentProxy


Through conformance to the UIKeyInput protocol, a text document proxy enables a custom keyboard (which is based on the UIInputViewController class) to insert and delete text, to adjust the position of the insertion point, and to determine whether a text input object is empty. The text document proxy uses the keyboard's textDocumentProxy property to do this.

For more about using a text document proxy, see UIInputViewController and Custom Keyboard in App Extension Programming Guide.


Getting the Text Input Mode

var documentInputMode: UITextInputMode?

The text input mode to use for the keyboard.


Obtaining Textual Context Around the Insertion Point

var documentContextAfterInput: String?

Textual context after the insertion point in the current text input object.


var documentContextBeforeInput: String?

Textual context before the insertion point in the current text input object.


Adjusting the Insertion Point Position

func adjustTextPosition(byCharacterOffset: Int)

Moves the insertion point forward or backward in the current text input object.


Getting the Selected Text

var selectedText: String?

The currently selected text in the document.


Distinguishing Changes in the Document

var documentIdentifier: UUID

The unique identifier for this document.



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See Also

Custom Keyboard

protocol UIInputViewAudioFeedback

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