Renders previews of text dragged by the user.


class UITextDragPreviewRenderer : NSObject


Use this class to provide custom previews of dragged text that follows user interface guidelines and handles right-to-left text. You provide the layout manager and the range to render the preview.

Subclasses may override the adjust(firstLineRect:bodyRect:lastLineRect:textOrigin:) method to modify the detected rectangles as needed during the drag operation.


Initializing a Text Drag Preview Renderer

init(layoutManager: NSLayoutManager, range: NSRange)

Initializes and returns a text drag preview renderer with the specified layout managers and range to render the text drag preview.

init(layoutManager: NSLayoutManager, range: NSRange, unifyRects: Bool)

Returns an initialized renderer of a text drag preview with the specified layout manager, range, and rectangle detection behavior.

Getting and Setting Bounding Rectangles

var bodyRect: CGRect

The bounding rectangle of the text in the middle of the drag preview.

var firstLineRect: CGRect

The bounding rectangle of the first line of text in the drag preview.

var lastLineRect: CGRect

The bounding rectangle of the last line of text in the drag preview.

Getting the Preview Image

var image: UIImage

The image of the text drag preview that’s rendered by the layout manager.

Getting the Layout Manager

var layoutManager: NSLayoutManager

The layout manager that renders the text drag preview.


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protocol UITextDragRequest

The interface for describing the attributes of a drag activity originating in a text view.