The interface that determines if a text view is a drop destination.


protocol UITextDroppable


Checking the Text Drop Activity Status

var isTextDropActive: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the text view has at least one active drop session.


Managing the Text Drop Interaction

var textDropInteraction: UIDropInteraction?

The drop interaction object added by UIKit to the text view.


Setting the Text Drop Delegate

var textDropDelegate: UITextDropDelegate?

The text drop delegate for interacting with a drop activity in the text view.


See Also

Text View Additions

protocol UITextDragDelegate

The interface for customizing the behavior of a drag activity for a text view.

protocol UITextDropDelegate

The interface for configuring a text view’s drop behavior.

protocol UITextDraggable

The interface that determines if a text view is a drag source.

struct UITextDragOptions

A set of options that determine the behavior of a draggable text view.

enum UITextDropEditability

The text-drop editability styles for noneditable text views.