Instance Property


The performer that is responsible for doing the drop operation.


var dropPerformer: UITextDropProposal.Performer { get set }


The performer provides a preview for the drop activity, loads the data from the item providers, and inserts the data into the text view. It can be the UITextDropProposal.Performer.view performer (default) or the UITextDropProposal.Performer.delegate performer.

See Also

Configuring a Text Drop Proposal

var dropAction: UITextDropProposal.Action

A text drop action style that specifies how the text view receives dropped items.

var dropProgressMode: UITextDropProposal.ProgressMode

A mode that specifies how the text view indicates progress to the user when loading dropped items.

var useFastSameViewOperations: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the text view can use fast inline dropping when the source and destination are in the same text view.