The text drop action styles for text views.


enum Action : UInt


Text Drop Actions

case insert

A text drop action style specifying that text is inserted at the provided location, without altering the surrounding text.

case replaceAll

A text drop action style specifying that the dropped text replaces all text in the target text view.

case replaceSelection

A text drop action style specifying that if the target text view contains a selection, dropped text replaces it.

See Also

Drop Management

protocol UITextDropRequest

The interface for specifying the attributes of a drop request for a text view.

class UITextDropProposal

A proposed configuration for the behavior of a text drop interaction.

enum UITextDropProposal.Performer

The performers that are responsible for handling the drop operation.

enum UITextDropProposal.ProgressMode

The text drop progress styles for user-visible progress indication.