Instance Property


The size of the smallest permissible font with which to draw the text field’s text.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat minimumFontSize;


When drawing text that might not fit within the bounding rectangle of the text field, you can use this property to prevent the receiver from reducing the font size to the point where it is no longer legible.

The default value for this property is 0.0. If you enable font adjustment for the text field, you should always increase this value.

If you are using styled text in iOS 6 or later, assigning a new value to this property causes the minimum font size to be applied to the entirety of the string in the attributedText property. If you want to apply different minimum font sizes to different parts of your string, create a new attributed string with the desired style information and associate it with the text field.

See Also

Sizing the Text Field’s Text


A Boolean value indicating whether the font size should be reduced in order to fit the text string into the text field’s bounding rectangle.