Instance Property


The range of selected text in a document.



@NSCopying var selectedTextRange: UITextRange? { get set }


If the text range has a length, it indicates the currently selected text. If it has zero length, it indicates the caret (insertion point). If the text-range object is nil, it indicates that there is no current selection.

See Also

Working with Marked and Selected Text

var markedTextRange: UITextRange?

The range of text that is currently marked in a document.


var markedTextStyle: [NSAttributedString.Key : Any]?

A dictionary of attributes that describes how marked text should be drawn.


func setMarkedText(String?, selectedRange: NSRange)

Insert the provided text and marks it to indicate that it is part of an active input session.


func unmarkText()

Unmark the currently marked text.


var selectionAffinity: UITextStorageDirection

The desired location for the insertion point.

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