Instance Property


The auto-capitalization style for the text object.


optional var autocapitalizationType: UITextAutocapitalizationType { get set }


This property determines at what times the Shift key is automatically pressed, thereby making the typed character a capital letter. The default value for this property is UITextAutocapitalizationType.sentences.

Some keyboard types do not support auto-capitalization. Specifically, this option is ignored if the value in the keyboardType property is set to UIKeyboardType.numberPad, UIKeyboardType.phonePad, or UIKeyboardType.namePhonePad.

See Also

Managing Spelling and Autocorrection

enum UITextAutocapitalizationType

The auto-capitalization behavior of a text-based view. Used with the autocapitalizationType property.

var autocorrectionType: UITextAutocorrectionType

The autocorrection style for the text object.

enum UITextAutocorrectionType

The autocorrection behavior of a text-based view. Used with the autocorrectionType property.

var spellCheckingType: UITextSpellCheckingType

The spell-checking style for the text object.

enum UITextSpellCheckingType

The spell-checking behavior of a text-based view. Used with the spellCheckingType property.

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