Instance Property


The autocorrection style for the text object.


optional var autocorrectionType: UITextAutocorrectionType { get set }


This property determines whether autocorrection is enabled or disabled during typing. With autocorrection enabled, the text object tracks unknown words and suggests a more suitable replacement candidate to the user, replacing the typed text automatically unless the user explicitly overrides the action.

The default value for this property is UITextAutocorrectionType.default, which for most input methods results in autocorrection being enabled.

See Also

Managing Spelling and Autocorrection

var autocapitalizationType: UITextAutocapitalizationType

The auto-capitalization style for the text object.

enum UITextAutocapitalizationType

The auto-capitalization behavior of a text-based view. Used with the autocapitalizationType property.

enum UITextAutocorrectionType

The autocorrection behavior of a text-based view. Used with the autocorrectionType property.

var spellCheckingType: UITextSpellCheckingType

The spell-checking style for the text object.

enum UITextSpellCheckingType

The spell-checking behavior of a text-based view. Used with the spellCheckingType property.

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