Instance Property


Indicates the semantic meaning expected by a text-entry area.


optional var textContentType: UITextContentType! { get set }


Use this property to give the keyboard and the system information about the expected semantic meaning for the content that users enter. For example, you might specify emailAddress for a text field that users fill in to receive an email confirmation. When you provide this information about the content you expect users to enter in a text-entry area, the system can in some cases automatically select an appropriate keyboard and improve keyboard corrections and proactive integration with other text-entry opportunities.

Because the expected semantic meaning for each text-entry area should be identified as specifically as possible, you can’t combine multiple values for one textContentType property. For possible values you can use, see Text Content Types; by default, the value of this property is nil.

See Also

Configuring the Keyboard Appearance

var keyboardType: UIKeyboardType

The keyboard style associated with the text object.

enum UIKeyboardType

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struct UITextContentType

Constants that identify the semantic meaning expected for a text-entry area.