Instance Property


The configuration state for smart quotes.


optional var smartQuotesType: UITextSmartQuotesType { get set }


Use this property to configure whether UIKit replaces straight apostrophes and quotation marks with region-specific glyphs. The default value of this property is UITextSmartQuotesType.default, which selectively enables smart quotes based on the keyboard type.

See Also

Configuring the Auto-Formatting Behaviors

enum UITextSmartQuotesType

Constants indicating whether smart quotes are enabled or disabled.

var smartDashesType: UITextSmartDashesType

The configuration state for smart dashes.

enum UITextSmartDashesType

Constants for specifying the automatic conversion behavior between hyphens and en or em dashes.

var smartInsertDeleteType: UITextSmartInsertDeleteType

The configuration state for the smart insertion and deletion of space characters.

enum UITextSmartInsertDeleteType

Constants for specifying whether extra spaces are automatically inserted after a paste operation or deleted after a cut or delete operation.