An encapsulation of information about a selected range of text in a document.


class UITextSelectionRect : NSObject


This class is an abstract class and must be subclassed to be used. The system text input views provide their own concrete implementations of this class.

Subclassing Notes

If you are implementing a custom text input view, you can subclass and use your custom class to return selection-related information. When subclassing, you should override and reimplement all properties. In your custom implementations, do not call super.


Accessing the Selection Rectangle

var rect: CGRect

The rectangle that encloses the receiver’s text range.

Accessing Text-Related Attributes

var writingDirection: NSWritingDirection

The writing direction of text in the receiver’s text range.

var isVertical: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the text is oriented vertically.

Determining the Selection Status

var containsStart: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the rectangle contains the start of the selection.

var containsEnd: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the rectangle contains the end of the selection.


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See Also


class UITextPosition

A position in a text container—that is, an index into the backing string in a text-display view.

class UITextRange

A range of characters in a text container, identified by a starting index and an ending index in string backing a text-entry object.