Instance Property


The phase of the touch.


var phase: UITouchPhase { get }


The property value is a constant that indicates whether the touch began, moved, ended, or was canceled. For descriptions of the possible values of this property, see UITouchPhase.

See Also

Getting Touch Attributes

var tapCount: Int

The number of times the finger was tapped for this given touch.

var timestamp: TimeInterval

The time when the touch occurred or when it was last mutated.

var type: UITouchType

The type of the touch.

enum UITouchType

The type of touch received.

enum UITouchPhase

The phase of a finger touch.

var force: CGFloat

The force of the touch, where a value of 1.0 represents the force of an average touch (predetermined by the system, not user-specific).

var maximumPossibleForce: CGFloat

The maximum possible force for a touch.

var altitudeAngle: CGFloat

The altitude (in radians) of the stylus.

func azimuthAngle(in: UIView?)

Returns the azimuth angle (in radians) of the stylus.

func azimuthUnitVector(in: UIView?)

Returns a unit vector that points in the direction of the azimuth of the stylus.