The phase of a finger touch.


enum Phase : Int


The phase of a UITouch instance changes in a certain order during the course of an event. You access this value through the phase property.



case began

A finger for a given event touched the screen.

case moved

A finger for a given event moved on the screen.

case stationary

A finger is touching the surface but hasn't moved since the previous event.

case ended

A finger for a given event was lifted from the screen.

case cancelled

The system canceled tracking for the touch, as when (for example) the user moves the device against his or her face.

See Also

Getting Touch Attributes

var tapCount: Int

The number of times the finger was tapped for this given touch.

var timestamp: TimeInterval

The time when the touch occurred or when it was last mutated.

var type: UITouch.TouchType

The type of the touch.

enum UITouch.TouchType

The type of touch received.

var phase: UITouch.Phase

The phase of the touch.

var force: CGFloat

The force of the touch, where a value of 1.0 represents the force of an average touch (predetermined by the system, not user-specific).

var maximumPossibleForce: CGFloat

The maximum possible force for a touch.

var altitudeAngle: CGFloat

The altitude (in radians) of the stylus.

func azimuthAngle(in: UIView?) -> CGFloat

Returns the azimuth angle (in radians) of the stylus.

func azimuthUnitVector(in: UIView?) -> CGVector

Returns a unit vector that points in the direction of the azimuth of the stylus.