Instance Property


The user interface idiom of the trait collection.


var userInterfaceIdiom: UIUserInterfaceIdiom { get }


The default user interface idiom for a trait collection is unspecified.

See Also

Retrieving Interface-Related Traits

enum UIUserInterfaceIdiom

The type of interface that should be used on the current device

var forceTouchCapability: UIForceTouchCapability

The force touch capability value of the trait collection.

enum UIForceTouchCapability

Keys that indicate the availability of 3D Touch on a device. Only certain devices support 3D Touch. On those that do, the user can disable 3D Touch in the Accessibility area in Settings.

var layoutDirection: UITraitEnvironmentLayoutDirection

The layout direction associated with the current environment.

enum UITraitEnvironmentLayoutDirection

Constants indicating the layout direction associated with the current environment.

var userInterfaceStyle: UIUserInterfaceStyle

The style associated with the user interface.

enum UIUserInterfaceStyle

Constants indicating the interface style for the app.