Instance Property


The style associated with the user interface.


var userInterfaceStyle: UIUserInterfaceStyle { get }


Use this trait to determine whether your interface should be configured with a dark or light appearance. The default value of this trait is set to the corresponding appearance setting on the user's device.

See Also

Retrieving Interface-Related Traits

enum UIUserInterfaceStyle

Constants indicating the interface style for the app.

var userInterfaceIdiom: UIUserInterfaceIdiom

The user interface idiom of the trait collection.

enum UIUserInterfaceIdiom

The interface type for the device or an object that has a trait environment, such as a view and view controller.

var userInterfaceLevel: UIUserInterfaceLevel

The elevation level of the interface.

enum UIUserInterfaceLevel

Constants indicating the visual level for content in the window.

var layoutDirection: UITraitEnvironmentLayoutDirection

The layout direction associated with the current environment.

enum UITraitEnvironmentLayoutDirection

Constants indicating the layout direction associated with the current environment.

var accessibilityContrast: UIAccessibilityContrast

The accessibility contrast associated with the current environment.

enum UIAccessibilityContrast

Constants indicating the accessibility contrast setting.

var legibilityWeight: UILegibilityWeight

The font weight to apply to text.

enum UILegibilityWeight

Constants indicating the weight to apply to text in your interface.