A video editor that manages the system-supplied user interface for trimming video frames from the start and end of a previously recorded movie as well as reencoding to lower quality.


A video editor manages user interactions and provides the filesystem path of the edited movie to your delegate object (see UIVideoEditorControllerDelegate). The features of the UIVideoEditorController class are available only on devices that support video recording. Use a video editor when your intent is to provide an interface for movie editing. While the UIImagePickerController class also lets a user trim movies, its primary roles are choosing saved pictures and movies, and capturing new pictures and movies.


Determining Editing Availability

class func canEditVideo(atPath: String)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether a video file can be edited.

Configuring the Editor

var videoMaximumDuration: TimeInterval

The maximum duration, in seconds, permitted for trimmed movies saved by the video editor.

var videoPath: String

The filesystem path to the movie to be loaded by the video editor.

var videoQuality: UIImagePickerControllerQualityType

The video quality to use when saving a trimmed movie.


See Also

Video Editor

protocol UIVideoEditorControllerDelegate

A set of methods that your delegate object must implement to respond to the video editor.