A set of methods that your delegate object must implement to respond to the video editor.


The methods of this protocol notify your delegate when the system has saved an edited movie or the user has cancelled editing to discard any changes. There is also a method for responding to errors encountered by the video editor.

The delegate methods are responsible for dismissing the video editor when the operation completes. To dismiss the editor, call the dismissModalViewControllerAnimated: method of the parent controller responsible for displaying the video editor. The video editor is described in UIVideoEditorController.


Closing the Video Editor

func videoEditorController(UIVideoEditorController, didSaveEditedVideoToPath: String)

Called when the system has finished saving an edited movie.

func videoEditorControllerDidCancel(UIVideoEditorController)

Called when the user has cancelled a movie editing operation.

Handling Errors

func videoEditorController(UIVideoEditorController, didFailWithError: Error)

Called when the video editor is unable to load or save a movie.


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Video Editor

class UIVideoEditorController

A video editor that manages the system-supplied user interface for trimming video frames from the start and end of a previously recorded movie as well as reencoding to lower quality.