Instance Method


Renders a snapshot of the complete view hierarchy as visible onscreen into the current context.


- (BOOL)drawViewHierarchyInRect:(CGRect)rect afterScreenUpdates:(BOOL)afterUpdates;



A rectangle specified in the local coordinate system (bounds) of the view.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the snapshot should be rendered after recent changes have been incorporated. Specify the value NO if you want to render a snapshot in the view hierarchy’s current state, which might not include recent changes.

Return Value

Returns YES if the snapshot is complete, or NO if the snapshot is missing image data for any view in the hierarchy.


Use this method when you want to apply a graphical effect, such as a blur, to a view snapshot. This method is not as fast as the snapshotViewAfterScreenUpdates: method.

See Also

Capturing a View Snapshot

- snapshotViewAfterScreenUpdates:

Returns a snapshot view based on the contents of the current view.

- resizableSnapshotViewFromRect:afterScreenUpdates:withCapInsets:

Returns a snapshot view based on the specified contents of the current view, with stretchable insets.