Instance Property


A localized string that represents the view this controller manages.


var title: String? { get set }


Set the title to a human-readable string that describes the view. If the view controller has a valid navigation item or tab-bar item, assigning a value to this property updates the title text of those objects.

See Also

Managing the View

var view: UIView!

The view that the controller manages.

var viewIfLoaded: UIView?

The view controller’s view, or nil if the view is not yet loaded.

var isViewLoaded: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the view is currently loaded into memory.

func loadView()

Creates the view that the controller manages.

func viewDidLoad()

Called after the controller'€™s view is loaded into memory.

func loadViewIfNeeded()

Loads the view controller’s view if it has not yet been loaded.

var preferredContentSize: CGSize

The preferred size for the view controller’s view.