Instance Method


Sets whether the view controller shows an editable view.


func setEditing(_ editing: Bool, animated: Bool)



If true, the view controller should display an editable view; otherwise, false.

If true and one of the custom views of the navigationItem property is set to the value returned by the editButtonItem method, the associated navigation controller displays a Done button; otherwise, an Edit button.


If true, animates the transition; otherwise, does not.


Subclasses that use an edit-done button must override this method to change their view to an editable state if isEditing is true and a non-editable state if it is false. This method should invoke super’€™s implementation before updating its view.

See Also

Adding Editing Behaviors to Your View Controller

var isEditing: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the view controller currently allows the user to edit the view contents.

var editButtonItem: UIBarButtonItem

Returns a bar button item that toggles its title and associated state between Edit and Done.

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