Instance Method


Called to notify the view controller that its view has just laid out its subviews.


func viewDidLayoutSubviews()


When the bounds change for a view controller'€™s view, the view adjusts the positions of its subviews and then the system calls this method. However, this method being called does not indicate that the individual layouts of the view'€™s subviews have been adjusted. Each subview is responsible for adjusting its own layout.

Your view controller can override this method to make changes after the view lays out its subviews. The default implementation of this method does nothing.

See Also

Configuring the View’s Layout Behavior

var edgesForExtendedLayout: UIRectEdge

The edges that you extend for your view controller.

struct UIRectEdge

Constants that specify the edges of a rectangle.

var extendedLayoutIncludesOpaqueBars: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether or not the extended layout includes opaque bars.

func viewWillLayoutSubviews()

Called to notify the view controller that its view is about to layout its subviews.

func updateViewConstraints()

Called when the view controller'€™s view needs to update its constraints.