Instance Property


The storyboard from which the view controller originated.


var storyboard: UIStoryboard? { get }


If the view controller was not instantiated from a storyboard, this property is nil.

See Also

Interacting with Storyboards and Segues

func shouldPerformSegue(withIdentifier: String, sender: Any?) -> Bool

Determines whether the segue with the specified identifier should be performed.

func prepare(for: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?)

Notifies the view controller that a segue is about to be performed.

func performSegue(withIdentifier: String, sender: Any?)

Initiates the segue with the specified identifier from the current view controller'€™s storyboard file.

func allowedChildrenForUnwinding(from: UIStoryboardUnwindSegueSource) -> [UIViewController]

Returns an array of child view controllers that should be searched for an unwind segue destination.

func childContaining(UIStoryboardUnwindSegueSource) -> UIViewController?

Returns the child view controller that contains the source of the unwind segue.

func canPerformUnwindSegueAction(Selector, from: UIViewController, withSender: Any) -> Bool

Called on a view controller to determine whether it wants to respond to an unwind action.

func unwind(for: UIStoryboardSegue, towards: UIViewController)

Called when an unwind segue transitions to a new view controller.